Diane Costa

Diane Costa joined Parker Development Company in 2012 as Executive Assistant to the Vice President following four years of employment with the Serrano Owners Association, which provided an invaluable introduction to the Serrano Community. In her current position, she also supports the President and other executive staff in their day to day business activities and manages many of the behind the scenes systems and processes that keep the Company running smoothly. Since 2021, Diane has also served as Corporate Secretary for a number of entities under the Parker Development umbrella, ensuring that the various entities remain compliant with required documentation and reporting. Previously, Diane was employed in international customer service positions within the airline industry and in management of accounts relating to international licensing in the entertainment industry.

Diane has a Bachelor of Science in International Relations with emphasis in Political Science from the University of California at Davis. She spent a number of years studying foreign languages which has proven very useful both in her work endeavors and personal travel.