Proposed Project & Amenities

Sustainable, Balanced Development

Parker Development Company designed The Village of Marble Valley to be sustainable for future generations through careful site planning, harmonious architecture and the collective sum of private and public amenities. The vision for the 2,341-acre property focuses on a mixed-used sustainable community, with a variety of residential housing types and public attractions for all to enjoy.  Collectively, the proposed land uses create a vibrant community with a high quality of life for residents and visitors alike.


A Distinctive Sense of Place

The Village of Marble Valley will be memorable for its vineyard plantings and sensitive site design that preserves considerable historic resources constructed and operated during California’s Gold Rush.  Travelers will experience blocks of vineyards along the public boulevard, enhancing the property’s intrinsic beauty and providing a special setting for community events.  Adding to the uniqueness of Marble Valley is the preservation of many remnants of the property’s former lime kiln — including two quarry ponds, outbuildings and kilns —in permanent open space areas or parks for all to enjoy.


Lime Kiln

Key Public Amenities and Attractions

  • A distinctive Gateway Entry to earmark your arrival to the community and The Gateway Mile, a primary boulevard characterized by wide center medians planted with vineyards
  • 20-acre Lake at Marble Valley Park (10-acre water surface and 10 acres for green space) for paddle boating, fishing, sporting events and outdoor performances at the amphitheater
  • Preservation and restoration of the late-1800s historic Cowell lime kiln and creation of the Cowell Historic Park for docent tours and student field trips to learn about California’s limestone industry
  • 466-acre Marble Valley Regional Park for hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian riding
  • Miles of walking and bicycling trails (a combination of gravel and Class I paved surfaces) connecting residents to commercial and public uses
  • The Village Center, serving the retail and service needs of the Plan Area’s residents and visitors, acts as a community focal point and shopping destination. Residential units are encouraged on the upper floors to heighten the sense of place and to encourage daytime and nighttime activity
  • An Agri-tourism Information Center, a multi-use facility set in vineyard plantings, to promote El Dorado County’s agri-tourism and wine-related industries
  • A 25-foot tall limestone spire, which is a remnant of the historic quarrying activities and the walls of the former quarry lined with colorful plantings provides an incredible backdrop for outdoor community events and banquet services at The Monolith Event Center


Limestone Spire

Open Spaces and Natural Resources

More than 50 % of the plan area is devoted to open spaces, preserving sensitive resources that include oak woodlands, riparian habitat, wildlife corridors, prominent terrain and historic features. The land plan preserves 80% of the existing oak woodland canopy and includes wildlife corridors throughout the development.


Local Creek

Outdoor Recreation and Trails

One of the special assets of the property is the former limestone quarry, now a 10-acre, naturally-filled lake and its 10 acres of surrounding green space, will become the signature public village park in the community.  Additionally, Parker Development Company set aside 466 acres south of Deer Creek for passive, day-use recreation, such as equestrian riding and hiking, for countywide public benefit and enjoyment.

The planned trail system will become an important asset and integral part of the community culture, providing connectivity among the land uses and recreational enjoyment.  The linkages will also become a major component highlighting the historic features throughout the community.  The trails will be multi-purpose, ranging from pedestrian use, cycling, hiking, mountain biking and equestrian uses – some within the proposed vineyard-landscaping theme along the public boulevards.


Marble Valley Trails Map


 Design Principles

The design inspiration for The Village of Marble Valley Specific Plan considered the following essential design principles that support regional and local planning objectives:


  • Principle # 1: Fulfill regional land use objectives by achieving Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy consistency
  • Principle # 2: Curtail suburban sprawl
  • Principle # 3: Assist in meeting future Regional Housing Needs Allocations
  • Principle # 4: Broaden the housing stock in the El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park communities
  • Principle # 5: Provide a strong community identity and quality built environment
  • Principle # 6: Utilize existing infrastructure and public services
  • Principle # 7: Improve connectivity of the regional roadway network
  • Principle # 8: Encourage future transit opportunities
  • Principle # 9: Create a new non-motorized transportation system
  • Principle # 10: Create opportunities to expand the regional trail system
  • Principle # 11: Create new recreational opportunities
  • Principle # 12: Minimize impacts to oak woodlands
  • Principle # 13: Preserve natural habitats and set aside wildlife corridors
  • Principle # 14: Protect important cultural resources
  • Principle # 15: Foster sustainable communities
  • Principle # 16: Promote the El Dorado County agri-tourism industry

 Project Summary

Private uses:

  • 797 acres of residential development (34%)

Housing options range from single-family custom home sites nestled in the oak woodlands to architecturally-pleasing townhomes, condominiums and rental homes within walking distance to water sports, recreation activities, and retail attractions.

Public uses:

  • 1,284 acres of open space (55%)
  • 47 acres of village parks (2%)
  • 35 acres of public schools (1%)
  • 55 acres of vineyards and agri-tourism uses (2%)
  • 41 acres of office park (2%)
  • 16 acres of retail (1%)
  • 1,284 acres of open space (55%)
  • 66 acres of other uses (public utilities and circulation) (3%)


Marble Valley Land Use Plan Map

Marble Valley Land Use Summary Table


Compatible Land Uses Plans

Parker Development Company has worked closely with its neighbor, G3 Enterprises, to integrate compatible land uses for the proposed Village of Marble Valley and Lime Rock Valley Specific Plans.  While two distinct communities to be reviewed separately by the County of El Dorado, the following Community Plan illustrates the blending of the proposed land uses.


Marble Valley Community Plan Map